Christians in English Language Teaching (CELT) Conferences

History of CELT Conferences


The first CELT conference occurred in California in 2004. Envisioned and chaired by Kitty Purgason of Biola University, it was held the day before the TESOL convention in Long Beach at a church near the convention center.


Subsequent CELT conferences in North America were held in the spring, in the city of the annual TESOL International convention. We have created individual pages on our website for each conference. You can visit them by hovering over the EVENTS tab.  

A group including Brad Baurain (at that time with ELIC in Vietnam) had the vision for an international CELT conference. 

Initially CELT conferences were independently planned and self-funded. At present there is a close relationship between CELEA and CELT, especially in terms of leadership, oversight, and publicity.

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